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The Rush Boots since its introduction Worldwide have been a super hit. These Boots are made of a very Rigid and Ultra-Light Carbon Fibre and are 100 % handcrafted. These are the lightest stock boots in the world in its with just 322 grams weight/ US size 9 - most producers are manufacturing boots weighing 500 grams and above.

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Rush Boot: The Rush boot is made of a very Rigid and Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber with advanced composites and are 100 % Handcrafted. We highly recommend the Rush boots if you are looking at performance with price point. These are one of the lightest boots in its category at just around 322 Grams for a size 9 US, most of the manufacturers boots weigh around 500 grams or more. The Rush boots are worn by Speed Skaters around 17 countries now and lot of European Champions, US National champions and skater’s world over have been getting positive results. 

Boots have a unique reliable 12 directional Monoblock for fixing the frame. So now you can set up your frames whichever ways you want and are not restricted to set up problems. The Monoblock takes all the strength of energy to repel the boot on the frame along its entire surface. Simmons has been Pioneers in building and constantly evolving to make a better product and the Monoblock is one of its important aspect, we are the only company who has designed and developed this specialised Monoblock. The Rush gives excellent grip to a skater’s ankle and heel, it’s special design indention on the Achilles Tendon forces the skater to correct bending of their knees and the feet stays on the lateral part of the tendons making you a better technical skater. The high great of SBR are Thermoforming and comfortable for any skater to adopt to the Rush quickly. 

Although these boots are not "Custom", these boots are the closest it gets to Custom boot. This is possible due to our specialised last used in making all of our racing boots. The boot fits like a glove to your foot as we have multiple sizes with a difference of 4mm. These boots are available from US size 1 to US size 14. Refer to our sizing chart for your exact size.  If you want to have boots with the highest performance, lightest and closest to custom boots than your choice ends right here with Simmons Rana Racing boots. Otherwise the Speed Skaters in more than 17 countries would not be happy with. As we remain SIMPLY THE BEST

In addition, Simmons Rana Racing applied solutions to the Rush boots that a potential owner must know before using:

Very rigid Carbon Fiber: The Rush boots are built with highest grade of Rigid and Ultra- Light Carbon Fiber sourced from the best in the business. Getting used to the Rush Boots takes very less time. The Glove like fit gives your foot as if the boot and foot is one unit and technique adaption is much simplified with our Edge Control Platform. 

12-point Monolithic Mounting Blocks: You can set your Frames without any compromise anyways you want it. In the side, front, back - no matter how you split the set crosswise or lengthwise. The Monolithic Blocks are designed and developed to stay ahead in the Speed Skating World.  

Ankle and heel grip: Rush boots are designed to keep a strong grip to your ankle and heel so that the weight transfer on your Pushes are more effective and the Power Transfer happens automatically. This will make you go Faster and Farther with much Ease. 

Special Designed Tongue: All new Rush boots comes with a specially designed Tongue with perfect positioning of the ultralight Thermoforming Foam placed in the correct manner to take away the pressure built up when you tie your skates. Again, only Simmons Rana Racing thinks of these small details that makes your life on our boots easier.

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